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Dziesięcina - jak to ugryźć
Krótki e-book na temat dziesięciny

Audycja poświęcona dobrowolnej prostocie wyemitowana na antenie Radia Warszawa

Eko sztuczki
Sposoby na własne domowe środki czystości, czyli jak obejść się bez szkodliwej chemii. 

Henry Thoreau Życie bez zasad

Henry Thoreau Obywatelskie nieposłuszeństwo

One Page
The cover of this document tells you the whole story. Everything you really need to know abut personal finance can be summarized in just one page. Spend less than you earn. Earn more. Live frugal. Do something sensible with the difference. Control your own destiny. All of the other writing out there on personal finance is just details.

Leo Babauta Thriving on Less Simplifying in a Tough Economy
The recent economic recession has a lot of people worried, about their jobs, their businesses, their homes and their bills. When your income is dropping or in jeopardy and you still have a mountain of bills to pay, things can get pretty scary. However, tough economic times do not have to be a time of struggles! If you look for the opportunity in the middle of difficulty, as Mr. Einstein suggested, then tough economic times
become an opportunity to transform your life.

Duane Elgin and Arnold Mitchell Voluntary Simplicity
For the past several years the popular press has paid occasional attention to stories of people returning to the simple life—of people moving back to the country or making their own bread or building their own solar-heated home, and so on. Beneath this popular image of simple living we think there is a major social movement afoot which has the potential of touching the Unites States and other developed nations to their cores.

Financial Integrity Transforming Your Relationship with Money
Dziewięć kroków do niezależności finansowej według Your Money or Your Life w zaktualizowanym w stosunku do oryginału opracowaniu organizacji New Road Map Foundation. Dużo praktycznych przykładów i pytań. Szczególnie polecam!


Richard B. Gregg The Value of Voluntary Simplicity
Voluntary simplicity of living has been advocated and practiced by the founders of most of the great religion: Buddha, Lao Tse, Moses and Mohammed,—also by many saints and wise men such as St. Francis, John Woolman, the Hindu rishis, the Hebrew prophets, the Moslem sufis; by many artists and scientists; and by such great modern leaders as Lenin and Gandhi. It has been followed also by members of military armies and monastic orders,—organizations which have had great and prolonged influence on the world. Simplicity has always been one of the testimonies of the Mennonites and of the Society of Friends.

Samuel Alexander The Voluntary Simplicity Movement: Reimagining the Good Life beyond Consumer Culture
There is something painfully obvious about the need for individuals in consumer cultures to consume less, differently, and more efficiently. This paper has suggested, however, that this challenge need not sound so depressing. On the contrary, participants in the Voluntary Simplicity Movement see reimagining the consumerist ideal not as a matter of sacrifice or deprivation, but as a coherent path to genuine wealth and freedom. After all, as Lao Tzu once said, ‘Those who know they have enough are rich.’

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